From time to time Andrew gives talks or leads discussions about this fresh approach to science for adults. Materials from these are uploaded below:

September 2019 Address as President of the British Science Association (Education Section) at the British Science Festival in Coventry Transport Museum.

Dec 2016 Talk to MA science students

Slide from a presentation to MA Science students at the UCL Institute of Education

Oct 2016 Book launch video
Video of the launch of the book : Why Icebergs float: exploring science in everyday life. Published October 2016 at University College London. (5 mins.)

Dec 2015 Seminar with Science Interest Group at the UCL Institute of Education, London.

Nov 2015 BBC radio 4 Saturday Live

  • audio (5 minute interview at 30 minutes and 45 seconds) – to be uploaded

Nov 2015 Public Engagement Network, UCL Institute of Education (Nov 2015)