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This website is based on Andrew Morris’s experience of running informal science discussion groups for people with no background in science.

It contains information about three books that draw on this experience:

Bugs, Drugs and Three-pin Plugs (2022) is a collection of 20 chapters on topics raised in discussions and conversations with people with no background in science.

Getting to Grips with Science  (2015) analyses the process and provides information to help the novice start to engage with scientific ideas.

Why Icebergs Float: exploring science in everyday life (2017) recreates actual discussions that have taken place, giving voice to the queries and observations of ordinary people as they interact with the scientific ideas they are exploring.

Read more about the books and reviews of them

The website also offers further information about useful resources : good books to read, websites to browse and other resources, based on recommendations from readers. You are invited to send suggestions to add to these.

A growing series of blogs explains key scientific ideas in the context of everyday experiences, like pain and sunshine.

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