Major Organisations

This list of organisations with useful websites appears in the book. If you have used any of them please feel free to offer a comment below; to suggest an additional one, email

BBC science– a large number of video clips, articles and links on immediately topical issues and other generally interesting ones

British Science Association – charity advancing the public understandingof the sciences and engineering. Information on BA Science Festival and regional groups

Society of Biology – useful section on current issues; also resources aimed at schools

Institute of Physics – the multimedia section includes interviews with physicists, demonstrations of experiments, and resources for teachers.

Natural History Museum, London – the Nature Online section includes the story of humans in Britain and videos on how scientists help identify threats to nature

Open University  huge range of excellent free videos on science maths and technology

Royal Institution – long established charity encouraging people to think about the wonders and applications of science. See famous Christmas lectures on video

Royal Society – lists of lectures and activities at the UK’s foremost and oldest scientific institution plus videos of previous speakers and discussions

Royal Society of Chemistry – range of resources for students and members of the public about chemistry and world challenges

Science Museum, London – information about the museum’s collections plus apps, blogs and games

Scientific American – huge range of videos, podcasts and blogs plus information on citizen science from the USA’s oldest magazine (est. 1845)


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