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This website is linked to two  books  by Andrew Morris:

Getting to Grips with Science , published by Imperial College Press (London) in 2015. Available from Waterstones, Blackwells, Amazon, World Scientific and other booksellers, currently (Jan 2017) priced between £14 and £19 (paperback).

Why Icebergs Float: exploring science in everyday life, published by UCL Press (London) in 2016. Available as a downloadable pdf free of charge or paperback for £15.

Both books are based on the experience of running informal science discussion groups for people with no background in science. The former analyses the process and provides information to help the novice start to engage with scientific ideas. The second book recreates actual discussions that have taken place, giving voice to the queries and observations of ordinary people as they interact with the scientific ideas they are exploring.

For information about either book and a special Christmas offer contact the author at 

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Reviews and feature articles about Getting to Grips Science: a fresh approach for the curious

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Also reviews  at the:

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and, for subscribers, in Education Journal, Basic Skills Bulletin, School Science Review.

The website enables readers of the book to find further information about resources to support their enquiries. It offers ideas about books, websites and other resources based on recommendations from readers. You are invited to browse these and to add to them.

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