This website is for people who are curious about the natural world but have little background in science.

The website and two books linked to it are based on the experience of open-ended discussion groups involving people from all walks of life who like exploring questions about the natural world that occur to them in everyday life. Such questions are used as the starting point for learning more about basic scientific concepts like molecules, gravity and hormones.

The website and books offer encouragement and support to anyone wishing to do this. This website extends the information in the books by setting out lists of resources that might be helpful and  offering comments on them. Visitors to the website are invited to suggest additions to the lists and to offer their comments.

It also provides a series of blogs which explain in plain English some of the big scientific concepts underlying aspect of everyday life

The books are:

  • Getting to Grips with Science a fresh approach for the curious, published by Imperial College Press in London.
  • Why Icebergs float: exploring science in everyday life, published by UCL Press in London

1 Response to About

  1. Bob and Jan Johnston says:

    Andy, We are enjoying your science blog and look forward to your next one.

    One thing you might consider is bringing your ‘Getting to Grips with Science’ to a radio format! There are some science radio shows here in the states and we thought you would be a natural for a radio science show in the UK.

    See you in September,
    Bob and Jan Johnston

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