Setting up a group

It is not common to find groups discussing science in the open-ended way described in the book. But perhaps new groups might be formed if people express interest.

The key ingredients seem to be a small number of people interested in sharing their curiosity about science plus an experienced science tutor who is willing to try out a more informal approach. The challenge for the tutor is to stimulate the group to do most of the talking and to face issues about areas of science they know little about.

Groups can be as small as four or five people and probably no larger than eight or nine –  they need to be able to sit round a table or in a group and hear each other. Monthly meetings have proved successful and attendance is, of course, entirely voluntary. This means that not all people will turn up on every occasion – but it’s worth carrying on even if only one or two are present on an occasions.

If you know a few people who might be interested in your area and between you can find a potential tutor then feel free to add a comment below or send an email to discuss the idea.

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