The world around us

Stories start from everyday things, such as ice on a pond or whistling in telephone wires, and lead on to the physical concepts that underlie them – like molecules, atoms, energy and waves.

3.27 Falling under gravity

What Galileo discovered in Pisa explains how things move

3.26 Autumn leaves and the cycle of life

How fungi, bacteria and animals transform leaves into soil.

3.25 Combatting climate change – part two

Innovations in buildings and architecture

3.24 Combatting Climate Change – part one

Innovative ways of reducing CO2 emissions

3.23 Gears

What they’re for and how they work

3.22 The James Webb Space Telescope

Images from the early universe

3.21 Gravity part 2

Star formation and Einstein’s alternative concpet

3.20 Gravity part 1

Gravitational force and the solar system

3.19 Highs, lows, rain and snow – explaining weather maps

The effects of atmospheric pressure, temperature differences and the Earth’s rotation.

3.18 Energy and force – what’s the difference?

The fundamentals underpinning the urgent need to change how we transform energy for everyday use.

3.17 Singing and navigating – the extraordinary feats of ordinary birds

What science tells us about birdsong and migration

3.16 The perennial question of sex

How plants reproduce

3.15 Sticking Together

The science of adhesion

3.14 Making Decisions

Evidence from experimental psychology about how we make choices

3.13 The Sun sets in the West – does it?

Why the timing of sunrise and sunset vary throughout the year

3.12 Reasons to be (a bit) cheerful (sometimes)

Good news stories from science and technology in gloomy times

3.11 Relativity

How the passage of time is relative, not absolute

3.10 How do plants know when to flower?

The genes and proteins that measure the length of the day

3.9 A nice warm shower

What are heat and temperature?

3.8 Fire: why wood burns

The role of paper, kindling, logs and oxygen

3.7 Why your ears go pop

Atmosphere, pressure and the middle ear

3.6 Aeroplanes

What on Earth keeps them up?

3.5 Atmospheric rivers

Why does it rain so much?

3.4 The colour of light

What is light; what makes a spectrum?

3.3 Walking on water

The story of surface tension

3.2 Ice on a pond

What the lines on an icy pond reveal about the underlying structure of matter

3.1 Whistling in the Wind

The story of whistling sounds and how they reach us.