The world around us

Stories start from everyday things, such as ice on a pond or whistling in telephone wires, and lead on to the physical concepts that underlie them – like molecules, atoms, energy and waves.

3.10 How do plants know when to flower?

The genes and proteins that measure the length of the day

3.9 A nice warm shower

What are heat and temperature?

3.8 Fire: why wood burns

The role of paper, kindling, logs and oxygen

3.7 Why your ears go pop

Atmosphere, pressure and the middle ear

3.6 Aeroplanes

What on Earth keeps them up?

3.5 Atmospheric rivers

Why does it rain so much?

3.4 The colour of light

What is light; what makes a spectrum?

3.3 Walking on water

The story of surface tension

3.2 Ice on a pond

What the lines on an icy pond reveal about the underlying structure of matter

3.1 Whistling in the Wind

The story of whistling sounds and how they reach us.